Friday, July 10, 2015

A Weekend Photo Tour!

Eggplant! Beware the spikes!

It's been a while since my last post, and the garden is going strong. We've had a very wet start to the summer, which has been a challenge at times with the tomatoes. But now that we're having more summer-like temperatures everything is happy and green!

Here is a photo tour of the garden from this afternoon. This week I'll be doing some posts focusing specifically on certain crops, so stay tuned!

Garden facing north

Garden facing south


I'm looking forward to these melons. As you can see they are easily trained right up the tomato cage. I'll be doing a post on these this week! 

Blue Beauty tomatoes

Easily my favorite tomato, and these plants are already loaded with some nice fruit! 

Orange You Sweet peppers

A delicious orange pepper that is great for stuffing. 

Poblano peppers

Our favorite pepper in the garden. A hint of heat, and tons of flavor. Also among the most prolific pepper varieties I've grown. 

Orange and red chard mix

Chard is one of our favorite greens to eat, so we have several containers planted this year. 

Perpetual Spinach

This is a type of chard, but looks and tastes more like spinach. It also does not bolt in the heat! 


We just had our first beet harvest! I'll be doing a post about the beets next week as well. 

Daddy Mix petunias

Petunias are my favorite flower in the garden. The Daddy Mix is a variety of 3 veined petunias.