Seedling Table Setup

Seeding Table Front View
Seeding Table Side View

Here is the setup of the seeding table for the 2012 garden.

The table itself is an old picnic  style dining table. I attached two 8 foot studs to each side, with a 4 foot long cross member at the top.

I built a small ledge for the black fixture, which is a dual T5 HO aquarium fixture left over from an old 75 gallon fish tank I had before we moved upstairs. It is fitted with one 5700K (more yellowish) T5HO bulb and one 10,000K (more blueish) T5HO bulb. These were what I used to grow plants in the fish tank, and so far the seedlings seem to be very happy with them.

The white fixture is a $9.99 shop light from Home Depot, fitted with two 48'' GE plant bulbs. It is hanging from a chain which is attached on each side to S-hooks screwed into the cross beam above the table. This allows for adjustment as the plants grow taller. 

The lights are plugged into a timer, which is set to be on from 6:30am until 8:30pm. 

The upside down pots are there to keep the cats from jumping onto the table. As long as they don't see a place to land, you are usually ok. So far so good in that regard!

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