Monday, March 12, 2012

Seedling Update: Individual plant pages are now up!

Big update today: all the info for the 2012 seedlings can be found on the corresponding variety page to the right. As of now, what you will find is a table listing the seeding date and days to germination. Some things, like the peppers, sage, and mint, are taking their sweet time, but everything else seeded in late Feb is up!

As the season progresses, I will use the tables to update the container sizes, planting medium, and harvest yield of each planting situation. I will also blog in the main page about my experiences with each variety as time goes on. 

And of course, there will be PLENTY of pictures! 

For now, here are a few pictures of the seedlings. Almost time to thin......

Happy Gardening! 

View from the table




Thyme and Oregano (with tomatoes in front!)


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