Monday, May 14, 2012

Protecting Seedlings From the Wind

As luck would have it, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were nice and sunny, but also very windy. This posed some problems when trying to harden off the plants. Going from relatively gentle breezes to 20 mph winds isn’t exactly ideal for tender young stalks.

A simple windbreak wasn’t practical, given the swirling nature of the winds on the porch.
Finally, I came up with a solution to get the plants outside that would protect them from the wind. I used some old boxes and put the plants inside, which shielded them from the wind while also allowing them to get all the sunshine they needed.

Boxes make for a great way to protect plants from wind while hardening off
That night, I simply closed the boxes ¾ of the way until morning. When morning came, I opened the boxes back up to expose the plants to the sun again.

So far so good! Now it’s time to get everything planted and set up!

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