Monday, July 7, 2014

Perpetual Spinach

Perpetual Spinach before the harvest

One crop that is new to the garden this year is the Perpetual Spinach Chard. Perpetual Spinach is a type of Swiss Chard that looks and tastes a lot like spinach, but doesn’t bolt in the summer heat and is easy to harvest several times from the same plant.

Just like chard, if you cut only the larger outer leaves the plant will continue to grow new leaves all summer long. In terms of yield, one 6-7 gallon container can easily produce a meal every week to 10 days for two people. We have three containers of chard going (2 rainbow and 1 spinach) and we almost never run out during the summer.

After the harvest

If you plant 5 plants in a square with one in the middle, there will typically be 3-4 large plants and one smaller plant. As soon as you harvest some of the greens, the smaller plants doubles of triples in size to fill the void. With several containers, you can take a few leaves from each plant across all of them and it won’t look like you even harvested any!

Good pattern for planting
For our first try cooking it, we sautéed it with a touch of olive oil and some freshly chopped garlic. It was delicious!

Until next time, happy gardening! 

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