Saturday, April 23, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 re-launch of Captive Roots!

Hello everyone!
Meyer lemon blossom
It's been a while since I've posted, so I wanted to let everyone know that the blog will be up and running again on a regular basis very soon! There hasn't been a lot of material to cover the past several months other than starting seeds and battling bugs on the citrus and pepper plants (more about that in my upcoming post) but now that temperatures are warming up and we have some nice sunny days I'm excited to get back out on the porch!

An early Nardello pepper!
I've been working on a lot of exciting projects that I look forward to sharing with you, such as overwintering a Jimmy Nardello pepper plant, which aside from the aforementioned battles with bugs was a pretty good success. It isn't the prettiest pepper plant right now, but it's healthy, alive, and already starting to flower, so once it puts out its canopy it will be quite the plant.

Overwintered Jimmy Nardello
We also have some citrus flowers on the Meyer lemon tree. The minute I put this outside a week or so ago it was covered in bees, so I'm hoping we get some good lemons this season!

"Release Us!" - Brandywine Tomatoes (2016) 
So while today's post is short, I have many more to come in the near future. It's almost garden season!


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